About the Panel

Get heard and get paid.

The AVA Survey Panel is a group of AVA members who get paid cash honoraria to answer short online surveys.

Details about the panel:
• The AVA Survey Panel is the official research panel of AVA
• Your feedback is anonymous and AVA doesn't share your contact info with survey sponsors
• The panel is for research only and you are not sold or marketed to
• You generally receive between $5 and $50 per survey response, depending on length.
• You receive payment after a survey via PayPal (PayPal is free, secure and fast)
• Vascular access survey sponsors use your feedback for guidance on products, messaging and other topics
• Vascular access survey sponsors pay for feedback and the funds are split with you, AVA and an independent research firm
• There is no cost for you to join
• You will receive survey invitations via email
• You can quit the panel at any time

We are now accepting a limited number of new panelists.